Care Coordinator

Our Role

Care Coordinators work alongside GP’s, social prescribers, pharmacy staff, nurses, and health and wellbeing coaches.  Our aim is to ensure you feel supported and have access to the services that are right for you.

What we do:

Work with the frail/elderly and those with long term conditions to personalise care, supporting patients to understand and manage conditions, and

  • Help to ensure a patient’s changing needs are addressed
  • Provide coordination of care and support across health and care services e.g. hospitals, diabetes teams, falls teams, memory clinic etc.
  • Work with patients in both the community and care/nursing home setting
  • Care coordinators will review patients’ needs and help them (or families) access the services and support they require to understand and manage their own health and wellbeing such as referring to social prescribing link workers, health and wellbeing coaches, and other professionals where appropriate
  • Reduce frequent surgery attendance and hospital admissions
  • The aim of the Care coordinators is to help people improve patients quality of life.

What Next?  

  • If you would like a chat to find out more about what we can help with please just ask for the care co-ordinators at reception, or by telephone.