Did Not Attend Policy (DNA)

The following policy will be followed by focusing on the most negatively impacting DNAs.

It applies to patients who do not attend their appointment or fail to cancel their appointment in due time (at least 1 hour before their due appointment time).

  1. DNA for Doctors’, Nurses’ and HCA’s appointments:
  • A text message or a letter (where the mobile number is not available) will be systematically sent on the following day to inform the patient.
    • If you have access to on-line booking, it will be blocked for one month as per our policy on "Patient Access to on-line Services".
  • If a second DNA occurs within 2-6 months, a Second warning letter will be sent informing the patient they are at risk of being removed from the practice patient list and the on-line access will be blocked for 3 months.
  • If a second DNA occurs within 1 month or a third DNA occurs within 12 months (from the date of the first DNA) patient will be asked to speak with the Reception Supervisor Lurana Goldring before booking any further appointments.
    • Your on-line access will be blocked for 12 months. 
  • If a third DNA occurs within 6 months it will result in immediate removal from the Practice.
  1. DNA for private reports, e.g. driving licence:
  • Private reports are non NHS core services and incurs a private fee 
  • A 50% retention fee will systematically apply to any DNA.

DNAs (Did Not Attend) result in:

  • an increase in waiting time for appointments for other patients,
  • a waste of resources & NHS funding

On average 85% of our patients keep their appointments every week.

Together we can increase that number and make the appointments more available for all of our patients!